Welcome to Mennella’s Poultry & Mennella's Marketplace.com

Every day… business becomes more competitive and challenging. It seems like a new surprise comes in your door, every time it opens. The last thing you need is to have a trusted supplier deliver one of these surprises. For generations, Mennella’s Poultry has been personally committed to ensuring that our customers don’t find surprises delivered to their door.

Our philosophy is “where poultry is personal.” In every role of our company, from purveyor for the finest restaurants… to a poultry provider offering the most exacting quality standards demanded by today’s best franchises, Mennella’s wants to be a partner in insuring your success.

This site will offer information on the finest and freshest poultry and restaurant products, as well as critical information on delivery, service and guarantees.  However, there are always unanswered questions. We invite you to call us directly and start a dialogue.

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A Special Note from
the Mennellas!

On a personal note, on behalf of all the Mennellas, thank you for coming to our site and beginning this dialogue.  After doing business with us, most of the finest businesses in the area, discover: we are “more than the sum of our parts.”